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Pro Appraisal Kit & Scrap Jewelry Organizer Gold/Silver Tester, Diamond Testing Machine, Needle File

Pro Appraisal Kit & Scrap Jewelry Organizer Gold/Silver Tester, Diamond Testing Machine, Needle File

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Quality equipment for those interested in fine or scrap jewelry, appraisal, buying/selling, and other professions & hobbies related to precious stones & metals.
The electronic DIAMOND TESTER enables accurate readings on-the-go or at home. Distinguish between genuine diamond and simulants such as CZ, lab-created moissanite, and other fakes.

The TEST ACIDS are amazingly easy and effective. Each bottle contains one-half ounce (1/2 oz; 0.5 fl oz); you will receive one each of: 10kt gold, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, Silver, and Platinum solutions.

The stones enable you to acquire a sample without damaging the jewellery piece or coin/bullion you are testing!

Each "scratch" stone is brand new, and will last many uses; extra large stones measure 6 inches x 3 in.; the standard size (small) scratcher is 2in x 2 in.

The 30x ("30-times") MAGNIFYING GLASS loupe is great and conveniently pocket-sized. Made with the highest quality optical glass, the lenses are 21mm diameter; loupe comes with protective case.

There is even a loop where you can attach a necklace chain or something to make the loupe more accessible while your work. Top quality products shipped FAST, direct from PuriTEST.

  • ✅Everything the professionals use to test diamonds & precious metals while appraising and buying
  • ✅Brand New P7 Diamond Analyzer professional jewelers test machine
  • ✅Complete PuriTEST acids pack contains six (6) half-ounce bottles of test acids- 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, Silver, and Platinum
  • ✅Genuine PuriTEST 30x magnifying loupe with case included FREE
  • ✅Two (2) deluxe test stones with rubber backing (one large, one small), plus a 5.5" needle file

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