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DIGIWEIGH 600G BS SCALE (600 X 0.1g)

DIGIWEIGH 600G BS SCALE (600 X 0.1g)

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This Digiweigh 600G BS scale is the perfect accessory for anyone who handles precious metals & other valuable materials. Popular among both professionals and hobbyists, this DigiWeigh scale is perfect for weighing scrap jewelry, small bars, ingots, chains, bracelets, rings, nuggets, flakes & more! Hobbyists can easily weigh treasures and other specimen on the STAINLESS STEEL weighing platform, which measures 2.5" x 3".

The full unit measures 5" (L) x 3" (W) x 0.75" (H), so it's small enough to travel with, yet just the right size for weighing coins, small bars, diamonds & gemstones, rings & other scrap or recovered jewelry. Easily convert your scrap gold/silver/platinum to TROY POUNDS (240 Pennyweights = 1 Troy Pound)!

Ounce mode is great for postal shipments! High quality strain gauge load cell system makes it accurate in full capacity range. High density ABS housing and metal support makes it very durable. Impressive accuracy, repeatability, off center, and linearity. Large high contrast LCD display makes the readouts clear to read.

TARE function makes it much easier to weigh liquid or powder. Attractive blue backlit screen can be used in any lighting.


Removable reloading tray is included with the scale for weighing powder and other weight sensitive items! The tray has an easy to pour side for easy filling and emptying!

  • Allows you to choose from 4 different modes: Pennyweight (dwt), Gram (g), Ounce (oz), Grain (gn)
  • Capacity & Accuracy: 386 x 0.1 dwt; 9260 x 2 gn; 600 x 0.1 g; 21.2 x 0.005 oz
  • Bright blue, high contrast LCD Display makes it very easy to read
  • Flip-Open cover protects STAINLESS STEEL weighing platform when scale is not in use
  • PLUS, this set includes Instructions and TWO (2) FREE "AAA" batteries + Free Removable Reloading Tray

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