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JSP Gold Silver and Platinum Jewelry Acid Appraisal Testing Kit Electronic Scale Diamond Sapphire Tester Earth Magnet

JSP Gold Silver and Platinum Jewelry Acid Appraisal Testing Kit Electronic Scale Diamond Sapphire Tester Earth Magnet

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This EASY to use genuine JSP, Digiweigh, and GTE Gold, Silver, and Platinum appraisal test kit is great kit to use to determine the value and authenticity of your jewelry, scrap, and much more!  

Simply scratch the test stone with your jewelry and apply a drop of the acid to the stone and watch the results appear! 

This 13 piece listing includes:(BUNDLE & SAVE$$)

- (1) JSP 10K Gold Testing Acid Solution (0.5 oz)

- (1) JSP 14K Gold Testing Acid Solution (0.5 oz)

- (1) JSP 18K Gold Testing Acid Solution (0.5 oz)

- (1) JSP 22K Gold Testing Acid Solution (0.5 oz)

- (1) JSP Silver Testing Acid Solution (0.5 oz)

- (1) JSP Platinum Testing Acid Solution (0.5 oz)

- (1) GTE Acid Neutralizing Solution (0.5 oz)

- (1) PuriTEST 2''x2'' Acid Test Stone with Rubber backing to ensure non-slip desktop testing!Can be used over a hundred times, simply clean with baking soda/water between uses.

- (1) GTE 30X Magnifying Loupe-Ideal for reading hard to see jewelry markings.

- (1) Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

- (5) Diamond Needle File Set

Perfect for gently removing shavings for testing.

- (1) Neodymium Earth Magnet

Quickly spot real gold or silver with a simple magnet test! 

- (1) PuriTEST Counterfeit Money Detector Pen This EASY to use genuine PuriTEST marker is the real deal. Never wonder if you're getting a fake bill again.

- (1) GTE Diamond Tester with gauge This EASY to use genuine GTE Diamond Analyzer will test the purity of Diamonds, Rubies, Stones, Moissanites, CZ (Cubic Zirconia),  Sapphire, Rhinestones, lab-created diamonds,  zircon, and other simulants! 

Included with the Diamond Tester:

- LCD display & LED indicator.

- Designed for quick, precise, and safe diamond testing.

- GTE Portable electronic diamond tester 

- Powered by DC 9V battery x 1 (Included)

- Leather carrying case.

- (1) Digiweigh Electronic Digital 1000g BC Scale

Model: DW-1000BC

The DW-1000BC is a high quality, economic scale that is perfect for use in any application that requires accuracy time and time again.

Outstanding features include:

1000 gram capacity with TARE function throughout capacity range.

Accurate to within 1/10th gram throughout the full range of its capacity

Up to 6 weighing modes

High quality strain gauge load cell system

Sturdy design – High density ABS housing and metal supports

The cover can also be used as a tray – great for expanding the platform size.


Scale Size:5" (D) x 3" (W) x 0.75" (H)

Weighing Modes:g/oz/dwt/ozt/ct/gn

Capacity:1000 grams

Accuracy:0.1 gram

Platform Size:2.5" x 3"

Platform Material:ABS

LCD Size:1.3" x 0.5"

Power:Two AAA batteries (included)

- (1) Easy to follow testing instructions!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you in the future.

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