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GTE Deluxe Diamond & Gemstone Analyzer Tester for Moissanites Stones Lab-created Simulants with Gauge

GTE Deluxe Diamond & Gemstone Analyzer Tester for Moissanites Stones Lab-created Simulants with Gauge

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This EASY to use genuine GTE Diamond Analyzer will test the purity of Diamonds, Rubies, Stones, Moissanites, CZ (Cubic Zirconia), Sapphire, Rhinestones, lab-created diamonds,  zircon, and other simulants! 

Included with the Diamond Tester:

- LCD display & LED indicator.
- Designed for quick, precise, and safe diamond testing.
- GTE Portable electronic diamond tester 
- Powered by DC 9V battery x 1 (Included)
- Leather carrying case.
- GTE Diamond Weight Estimator and Gauge -The diamond weight estimator is perfect for estimating the size of loose or mounted stones when other methods are unavailable


You might have heard that there are a lot of ways to tell whether a diamond is real or fake. The problem is that most of these methods are not 100% reliable. Using a diamond tester, however, is one of the surest and fastest ways to check if you have an original diamond.

A diamond tester is a portable device that you can put in your pocket. The tester has a small, needle-like tip that needs to be placed on the stone tested. If the diamond is real, the device indicates that on its display or with a sound signal.

Diamond testers’ principle of operation is based on the fact that different gemstones conduct heat differently. Heat passes through a diamond in a different way than it would through cubic zirconia or glass.

A diamond tester will detect the rate at which heat moves through the stone and will tell you whether it is a real diamond.

There are also testers that use electrical conductivity to test stones – they are based on a similar principle, but they use electricity instead of heat.

This electronic diamond tester is convenient for traveling with or carrying in a purse or briefcase. 

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