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Jewelers 30X Eye Loupe Magnifier with Diamond & Stone Estimator Gauge Tool

Jewelers 30X Eye Loupe Magnifier with Diamond & Stone Estimator Gauge Tool

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Loupes are great tools to use when looking for hard to read metal markings on precious metals and jewelry. Unique gift idea for hobbyists & professional coin dealers, collectors, enthusiasts, or anyone who handles precious metals and other fine objectsIdeal when handling fine coins, gold nuggets, silver bars, ingots, and other US bullion or World currency

 Included in this kit:

- (1) GTE Silver 30X Triplet magnifying glass eye loupe

21mm lens diameter; The Triplet lense design of the GTE 30X Magnifier make it easy to view markings inside of rings, on clasps, and behind pendants or charms!

- (1) GTE Diamond Weight Estimator and Gauge 

The diamond weight estimator is perfect for estimating the size of loose or mounted stones when other methods are unavailable.

This estimator works for emerald, marquis, pear shaped, round and baguette stones as well as brilliant full cuts.

Simply lay the gem estimator on your stone pad and place the diamond in question on the appropriate outline, and you will be able to instantly tell the approximate weight of your stone. 

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