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JSP 10k 14k Gold Jewelry Test Acid Testing Solution Bars Coins Scrap

JSP 10k 14k Gold Jewelry Test Acid Testing Solution Bars Coins Scrap

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This EASY to use genuine JSP kit will determine the karat value and purity of Gold Jewelry, scrap, bars, coins, and much more! 

Simply scratch the test stone with your jewelry and apply a drop of the acid to the stone and watch the results appear!

*Note* This kit does not include a stone. We recommend using a stone to prevent damage to your jewelry.

*Our goal is to make testing your jewelry FUN, FAST, and EASY!

*Each bottle will test hundreds of times!

*These small bottles are perfect for traveling with or carrying in a purse or briefcase. Quick & easy to use; instructions included.

*A MUST-HAVE for anyone who invests in gold!

This 3 Piece kit includes:

- JSP 10K Gold Testing Acid Solution 0.5 oz.  

- JSP 14K Testing Acid Solution 0.5 oz. 

- Easy to read instructions with color chart included!

*Our acids are guaranteed to be FRESH!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you in the future.

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