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Gold Testing Solutions Kit 10k 14k 18k 22k Scratch Stone Set

Gold Testing Solutions Kit 10k 14k 18k 22k Scratch Stone Set

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5 Piece Gold Testing Acid Jewelry Test Kit w/ Scratch Stone 10k, 14k ,18k ,22K, and Scratch Testing Stone Fresh from the Factory This Comes with a large testing stone 6" x 3" (inches). Each bottle has 1/2 fl oz of acid. The sturdy plastic bottles maximize safety and allow the user to easily squeeze out one drop at a time. All bottles have different cap colors to help keep acid karats organized easier Latex Gloves are recommended with the use of any testing acids for safety You will receive: 1 bottle of 10k testing acid 1 bottle of 14k testing acid 1 bottle of 18k testing acid 1 bottle of testing solution 1 bottle of 22k testing solution 1 Large Scratch Testing Stone.
  • Kaylah Designs is certified to ship Gold Testing Acid although it is a hazardous material.
  • This solution is used to test the purity of a gold item.
  • Each bottle contains .5 ounce of testing solution.
  • Easy to use squeeze drip top.

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